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Adjust stance modifier removed
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It seems that the Stance Adjust entry is removed. There is the Stance up, down, left, right. And they are set to CTRL+W,A,S,D. However i have been playing by holding "Mouse#5" (thumb button on mouse) as stance modifier and then pressed keyboard W,A,S,D to change the stance.

The issue:
When i went into the controls and then out again without changing anything this function all of a sudden stopped. I went into controls to see why and i noticed that there is no Stance Adjust entry for a modifier, and i cant see anywhere that my mouse#5 is added. So im not sure how its working other than it being a left over in the controls config?

I cant tell if this function was removed, but since i cant see my mouse button anymore in the control binds im guessing it was removed and replaced with the "combat stance 3 seconds" perhaps.

It would be bad if this function was removed because people get used to their bindings. And this was a good bind option since you need less finger dancing on the keyboard when changing stances (i do it a lot because its a great addition to ARMA).

So either bring that back, please, or make it possible to bind mouse buttons as modifiers like for example "mouse#5+W" (same as for e.g. SHIFT+W or CTRL+A which is doable). When holding a mouse button and then press a keyboard button when binding it doesnt work. You get the mouse button by itself and under it you get the keyboard button separately, so you cant have a mouse button as modifier. If this was introduced then there would be no need to add a "stance adjust" modifier entry.

Update: My stance adjust with mouse started to work again after i alt+tabbed a second time. Not sure whats going on, but there is no entry in the control options for it so im guessing its a spooky left over that keeps working until i reinstall ARMA3. Becuase as i said, i cant see my mouse#5 being added to any of the controls, but yet it works.


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Options-controls. There is no more stance adjust modifier entry. Only stance up, stance down, stance left, stance right. Previously there was a "stance adjust" entry where you could add any button to use with W,A,S,D.

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The function was removed. Stance up, stance down, stance left, stance right was added to compensate for the removed adjust modifier.

Thank you for your feedback.