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In 2-story barracks(?) enemies can see/shoot through floor.
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Playing a mission, there is an enemy in this two story building:

They have quite frequently seen and shot me through the floor when I'm below them. I don't know whether it's restricted to the particular set of circumstances in my mission, or if anybody else has experienced it in general with this building.

I was entering one of the side doors (the side not shown in this picture), they were in the room directly above. It was night and we both had night vision goggles.

Has anybody else experienced similar? Sorry, I'm not good enough with the editor to be able to test this properly myself.


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Have enemy in floor above, enter floor below. Do they see and shoot you?

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I've seen quite a few instances where the AI would seemingly spot and attack me through walls and ceilings. I think it may have to do with the prediction and the fact that the AI knows exactly if you're still a viable target. Also some objects seem to be partially see through for the AI, namely window shutters and closed doors. More than once I was shot through closed shutters, after the AI became aware of my position in that building.

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Hey and thank you for the report!

The AI can also hear you, currently it can hear you sometimes too well (because of this bug:

If the AI thinks the bullets will penetrate it may decide to shoot even if it only has an estimation of the target's position based on the target's noise. (but it needs to know first that the target is an enemy - which shouldn't happen because of the footsteps only. Audible fire or visual confirmation is required.)

Could this be the cause?

Perhaps, yes - the enemy doesn't always hit (but they are directly above me with a machine gun, so it's not too hard).

Because I can't see them, I don't know whether they've spotted me already or not.

I'm fairly certain they haven't seen me directly (they're inside the room, I'm below and I entered out-of-sight of the window) - however, I've been in a firefight with some of their friends, so they may be on alert.