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AI infantry firing in different directions during reload/move animations
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AI can be a hazzard to its friendlies and a relief to the enemy when it fires its rifle while moving a bit or finishing the reload animation.

This can lead to the muzzle being pointed in random directions firing all over the place.

The firing of the weapon and the animation seem to be uncoupled so that the AI pulls the trigger while the muzzle is not pointed at a target.


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I attached a screenshot demonstrating this behaviour very well because of another flaw: a grenadier firing smoke-grenades after finishing his normal grenades.

In the picture you can see a grenadier and an enemy Ifrit. Besides that, you can see three different smoke trails just in front of and more in the distance to the left of the Grenadier.

This is the grenadier trying to fire grenades at the APC but instead firing (smoke) grenades in different directions.

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I cannot reproduce this issue. Could you please provide more info or attach a simple repro mission? Thank you.