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Endgame - Intel not there on dead officer
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On the Endgame objective where the intel is on a dead officer, sometimes it's impossible to find.

I assume that's because the officer was killed, but the intel not picked up until he'd despawned.

This may not be why, but I assume it was - the intel marker was pointing to a point on the floor where there was a gun (from a despawned AI), but nothing else.


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Steps To Reproduce

Play endgame.

Go to the objective where the intel is on an officer.

Kill him.

Wait until he's despawned.

The intel may now not be accessible.

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Adam added a comment.Apr 17 2015, 10:32 AM

I was unable to reproduce your issue.
The dead Officer is configured so he never despawns. Could you please provide more info? Thanks.

I'm not sure I can provide much more, sorry.

My team and I thought we searched the area pretty thoroughly, with no sign of him - it was a difficult battle, so we couldn't keep track as we were shooting.

The objective marker pointed to the floor of a warehouse - there was a Katiba there, but nothing else (so I had assumed he'd despawned but left his weapon behind). Perhaps he fell under the floor? We did search the whole objective as well.

Somebody else on the team said impossible-to-find intel had happened to them as well a couple of times, but this was my first time playing, and my first encountering the bug.