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Endgame - Spawning to a player in a building, sometimes you will spawn in the floor
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On Endgame (with the respawning/reviving mechanic), sometimes if you spawn to a player in a building, you will spawn stuck in the floor.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Play Endgame.


Get a friend to stand in a building.

Spawn on them.

You may now be stuck in the floor.

Additional Information

Possibly reported already? I couldn't find any other reports, but falling through the ground floor of buildings has happened to me quite a bit in Arma 3 (even before spawning in Endgame).

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Adam added a comment.Apr 17 2015, 10:52 AM

Hello, i was unable to reproduce this issue on multitude of buildings could you please provide more info?

Thank you.

Ah, I can't remember exactly which building it was now, sorry.
All I can remember was that it was in Kavala, and I think near the big multi-level office/hospital building.
I'll keep my eye open for it happening again.