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Workshop Publisher - does not allow different mod title than folder name.
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Let's say, my mod title is: "My Mod Title"
and my mod folder is: "@MyMod"

When I upload a mod to Steam Workshop (via Publisher v1.2.130231), I use the full mod title in the Name field (in Publisher).

Now it appears that it uses the same name for the destination folder name, so upon downloading, the mod folder becomes "@My Full Mod Title".

But the mod folder should be able to be specified as "@myMod", as normal and originally intended.


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As a test, I renamed the title to the short name "myMod", (using the Steam "Owner Controls" panel, using "Edit title & description").
Which, as I suspected, also changed the folder to be "@myMod" too.

But I want to use the full mod title in the Steam page and the short name for the folder, but there are no (obvious) options provided to allow this to happen.

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Gekon added a comment.Apr 14 2015, 2:25 PM

Sadly, there is no reasonable way how to make this possible.

The Launcher is creating @folders on its own to establish and maintain naming consistency.
Obviously, it could create the folder with any name, but before the item is downloaded, there is no other information available to get the custom name from, just the Steam name. Renaming this after download would create additional error point we'd like to avoid having. Moreover, this way, it might be slightly awkward with longer names, but provides a clear connection between the workshop item and the local files.