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Ghillie suit ineffective compared to other uniforms for camouflage.
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The ghillie suit appears to offer no more camouflage than the other uniforms. The AI seem to spot targets wearing it just as easy when they are wearing normal uniforms.


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AI Spotting / Detection
Steps To Reproduce

-Stay prone in grass.
-Spawn enemy AI unit and set way-points towards self in either uniform.
-Record distances fired upon.
-Repeat in other locations.

Additional Information

A video here shows additional tests done:

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Unable to reproduce using a simple test mission. With Indfor set to enemy, Blufor troops approach an Indfor soldier in ghillie next to an Indfor soldier in normal uniform.

The Blufor soldiers always detect and kill the soldier in normal uniform, then continue approaching for a while, then detect the soldier in the ghillie suit.

Same result with the detecting troops standing still and the Indfor troops approaching.

It would be simple enough to check the config values, which are what the AI use.

AI started at X in upper-right, with player at lower-left. Player is prone, not moving. W# is for without ghillie. G# is with.

it works against for player pretty well as long they are pretty near (grass render range) nothing agaisnt the AI but the camo lvl should be more when wearing the right gilli on the right ground right now its a pretty overkill

The gillie suits are set correctly, and as far as various testing went, they work in the game as intended. Adjusting camouflage values on the fly based on the combination of a ghillie suit and a terrain, unfortunately, is not possible.