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Multiplayer mission selection menu (Request)
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In multiplayer menu where I can select a mission i never know witch was done. If we done a mission there is not an indicator or something similar.I suggest that you have to insert a column next to missions name. This column must be manually editable. If i want I write to there anything what i want. It is important because we do not always complete the mission (a mission error, bad scripts, extraction trigger or other triggers dont work, etc) but we do not want play again whit this. in this case I need a row next to mission name and i write there the note, comment. {F26085}


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Just look at it.

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Please make that "note colum " next to missions name! I always have to write a paper note because I dont know witch misson is the new. I never know that witch mission is clomplete and witch is not. Or witch have some error!