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No footstep sound effects on wooden floors
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There are no longer any footstep sound effects on wooden floors, it's just silent. They stopped working as of 1.42, worked fine before that. Seems to be class woodenFloor in cfgSurfaces.


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Go to any building with a wooden floor and walk on it, it's silent.

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I haven't tried to reproduce your issue yet.

A little advice: If you want to tag your ticket, dont use these "" symbols. Just separate with a comma.

In your case it has to look like that: glitch, sound, missing

Hi, I was unable to reproduce this issue in given version of the game.

Do you use any mods? Are you able to reproduce it even with no user-created mods running? Could you please describe in which exact building this happens? Thanks

Turns out it was mod conflicting I guess, caused by All In Arma Terrain pack. Disabling the mod fixed it.

Thanks for the feedback! In that case this should be reported to the author of the mod, we are not able to fix user-created mods.

Marking as resolved - not fixable.