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Different armor levels for the virtual strider compared to the real strider.
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I was testing the GM Lynx with APDS ammo in the virtual arsenal. I spawned in a strider and shot it, the bullet did not go trough the strider. Then I shot at the white virtual strider and the bullet went trough the car.
It seems that the real strider and the virtual strider have different armor levels. I don't know if the other virtual vehicles have also have this problem.


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Virtual Arsenal
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take a GM lynx with APDS ammo
  2. Spawn in an unarmed strider
  3. Shoot the strider from the side and see what the bullet does.
  4. Shoot the white virtual strider and see what the bullet does.
Additional Information

I made a video of me testing the bug.

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I have tested this on Virtual Arsenal and it appears that the vehicles spawned from Garage in Virtual Arsenal are all indestructible and the player is invincible. That would be the cause of the bullet not penetrating through the Strider.

But you can shoot trough the window of a strider, so not the whole car is bulletproof.

Is someone still going to look into this?