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Hi, i'm a victim of steam hackers and i loose control of steam account (case is reported to support, but they ignoring me since month*) . Ther is no option to update Arma 3 offline for now, but i think game launcher is great tool that can have that option (same as updating mods). For now, i'm stuck with 1.40, i payed for this game and i cant update it. If i would have choice, i would select Non-steam version, but its unavailable legally.


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I showed Steam support proves that game is mine, but they done nothing. Im powerless, and dont know what can i do more. More over i'm not the only one. Please, create something like Offline patcher or offline updates, for now this is totally gamebreaking, i had fully secured steam account , followed all safety rules and someone just get it. How can i update the game now?

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Hi Vlad,

sadly, there is nothing we can do in this matter. We are only able to update the game data using Steam, doing a whole new data pipeline would take months for a team of people, which is beyond our capabilities.

I hope your matter will get resolved soon. Best of luck.