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Modded Weapon CTD in Virtual Arsenal
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One of my weapons when selected in Virtual Arsenal on stable branch results in a crash to desktop. I have include an image of the pop up error that is presented upon the crash to desktop. The weapon is the M27 IAR from the Marine Expeditionary Force mod that I make. {F26033}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download Marine Expeditionary Force and dependencies
  2. Launch game with mods
  3. Open Virtual Arsenal
  4. Select the M27 rifle

5.Crash To Desktop should occur now.

Additional Information

Note, switching to Dev branch solved the issue, so the problem is in fact existing only on the stable branch. The path that is in the error is nowhere in my config, but is attached to the model through the mass texture & materials renaming list within Visitor2.

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this is most probably caused by wrong configuration of the modded weapon. Unfortunately we cannot do anything about it since mod creators need to properly configure the weapon. Thank you for your feedback.

I just needed to repack that part of my mod, it seems something was corrupted the first time. ALL FIXED!