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Cannot activate night-vision while being passenger in a vehicle
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If you are a passenger in a vehicle and your sitting right of the drivers seat you cannot activate or deactivate your nightvision.
The bug doesn't appear if your sitting as passenger right in back in an Offroader.
It only appears for the passenger who is sitting right of the drivers seat.

This bug does only appear if somebody is sitting on the drivers seat!
Tested it in multiplayer only, not in singleplayer/ editor.


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Get a night vision and try to activate it while you're right of the drivers seat and someone is in the vehicle as driver.

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Not fixed in Patch and HotFix 1.46

I can't understand it is not being fixed. As you can see in the related reports, it affects any cargo seat in a helicopter too, both single and multiplayer.

It's marked as fixed in the 131590 dev.