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After making changes to a profile the main menu acts rather weird
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This started to happen after I updated to 1.42. At least I never noticed this before.

I have two profiles, one for myself and one for my fiance. I just noticed that after I made some changes to my own and her profile and try to switch to the other profile everything I click in the main menu either does not respond, or opens up with quite some delay. Some times even the PLAY menu totally disappeared. Exiting the game and running it again however fixes this.

Switching between profiles without making any changes to them seems to work alright though.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run the game
  3. Make some changes to your profile and save them.
  4. Switch to your other profile.
  5. Click several menus to see if they open.
  6. Or, make some changes to the profile you switched to and check if the main menu entries respond when you click on them. For me they just won't open anymore.

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As far as I can tell this issue turns out to be related to a mod I have installed. With no mods active the issue doesn't happen.

I also wish to note that the CBA A3 RC4 mod spits out an error message once the game has finished loading and shows the main menu: "Script variables\fn_undefCheck.sqf not found". Not sure if this is related to the issue, but I felt it couldn't hurt to add it here as well.

Adam added a comment.Apr 10 2015, 10:08 AM


The issue you have described is regarding a mod. It is for the modmakers to fix said issues. We cannot do anything about it.

Thank you for your feedback