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Arma 3 degrades enemy to a blurry dot, unlike Arma 2
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While playing Arma 3 i noticed that all firefights at midrange are very "far sighted". Enemy units appear to be almost invisible in the distance, very tiny silhouettes. Not fun to spend most of the battles shooting small grey dots on the screen.

See the difference with what you see in Arma 3 and Arma 2 at 200m with zoom (very high graphic settings used):

Arma 2 Takistan (better) -

Arma 3 Takistan (worse) -

Arma 3 Stratis (Even worse) -

Arma 3 stops zooming much further from holo sight (large part of it visible at pictures)
Arma 3 zoomed view still has larger general field of view (you can notice it by additional visible objects like road etc) and consequently smaller targets.

Default FOVs are almost equal:

Arma 2 gives a lot better picture and shooting is fun - you see your enemy. While Arma 3 degrades enemy to a blurry dot

The greatest problem is that most fights (apart from inside-town counter-strike style KingoftheHill missions) tend to occure at about 200m, and so Arma 3 steals all the fun from us.

We can decrease Arma3 default 70 degree FOV to 55 to get the needed zoom - but than we loose much of side view.

If Arma 3 increases zoom (right mouse click) featuree than we will notice that weapon sway is larger than in Arma 2. For me its ok but I feel that many players would want sway reduced again. I know that Stalker game solved this - they have stable gun and crosshair - but bullet dispersion is large so you need some 5-7 shots to hit target that you hold directly at crosshair. Bisides - longer firefights - longer fun (as long as AI has degraded aimbot capabilities for balance).


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