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Reloading while prone fails and locks up
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When reloading while prone (so far only tested with marksmen weapons and a bipod equipped). player character stops responding to commands other than looking around, the ammo counter in the hud goes red and the weapon makes its dry-fire noise when attempting to shoot.


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go prone, reload

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I currently have exactly the same issue, from RC to release, this awful bug made it :(

Adam added a comment.Apr 9 2015, 10:56 AM

Hello and thank you for your ticket.

I'm unable to reproduce this issue on Stable verison of the game. Could you please provide more info (Attach screenshot or video if you could).

I have the exact same issue and also made a video, hope this helps:

Hey guys, i found the problem! it appears to be a conflict (on my end anyway) with the mod "Personal Arsenal" ( removing this mod resolved the issue.

On my end it appears to be Speed of Sound. disabling it fixed the issue.

Completely removing 'Personal Arsenal' has fixed it for me.

Also the mod no idle causes the problem.