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Game crashes after clicking "Controls" button
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Well basically what I said in summary. I tried erasing profiles, unpluggin Flight stick and reinstalling the game. Still no improvement. Vrash first appeared few patches ago. It was reported by other people, but never fixed. {F25960}


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Game Crash
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Start game.

Open Controls.

Game freezes and stops working.

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Happened on both my old and new PC. HDD wasn't changed.

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Have you defragged your game HDD?

Please give us your last rpt file. (users\username\AppData\Local\Arma 3)
After the game crashed again, locate that file and attach it here.

PS: If you have a new computer, you have to do a new installation of all your applications and WINDOWS! I hope you've already did it.

I've uploaded the last one. As for the defragging, no I haven't done that in a while. And yes, I did reinstall Windows and everything on Disk C, but as for Steam games, they're all running fine as they were. Plus I had the issue even on my old PC, but the game didn't run well enough for me to play it, so I didn't worry about it much.

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You have an ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0DA0CF32. It means that a file is in conflict with your ARMA.
Fault address: 0DA0CF32 01:0005BF32 C:\Users\Palo\Desktop\Simulátory\1946\NewView_37m\NPClient.dll

The NPClient.dll is crashing your ARMA 3. Try to deactivate, or to delete it.


Try to unplug your Joystick and to uninstall your ARMA3 mods.

Oh wonderful, it was the NPClient. Who would've thought it could be something like this. Thank you very much for your time and advice. :)

Adam added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 9:04 AM


Have you experienced the crashing again after the fix hit001 suggested?

So far it seems ok. I can now fully rebind Controls to my likings. Of course my problem was subjective, so this might be an issue with different solution for other people in the future.