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Animation source sounds are not positional
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The animation source sounds (such as the ones played when the doors open) are not positional over the duration of their playback.

They will remain playing in the same position relative to the players, from the moment they started to the moment they end.

While this might not be noticeable at first, it prevents the use of door sounds for doors that open slowly, such as big hangar doors or roll-up doors with slow mechanisms or sounds for other types of longer animations where this may become very obvious to the player.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor on Altis
  2. Place the player at [16085,16940,0]
  3. There will be a roll-up door near you, on the dome structure
  4. Face the door head on
  5. Use freelook to look to your left
  6. While looking left, open the door, then quickly freelook to your right
  7. Notice that the sound of the roolup door remained in your right ear
Additional Information

The animation source sounds should update their position relative to the players point of view while they are playing

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The issue has been scheduled for a fix.

Thank you for your feedback.