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Pixel clumping for addon textures
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Self-made textures on self-made objects seem to be rendering in-game very clumpy, or boxy, especially the smdi. {F25918}


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Steps To Reproduce

System is Win7 64.
3DSMax 2010
Photoshop CS6

Create a simple or complex object in MAX. Assign multi-sub materials to it, and edit UVs. Create tga image files for the _co/_ca, _as, _nohq, and especially for this malfunction: _smdi. For the _co file, either leave it solid or give it a noise layer. Assign the textures in Max, triangulate, and export a selection of desired textured objects into 3ds format.

Import the object into Object Builder with "no squarize" ticked or unticked, and set up the surfaces for whatever LODs you are going to use; in my case, LOD0, View Pilot, Shadow, Geometry, Memory, Land contact, and that's it (until later). Create rvmats as supershaders: use eliteness to copy the code from another supershader used on a similar object as yours, paste into a text editor, and correct the file paths to the files of your object. Assign the _co textures and rvmats to the corresponding faces in Object Builder.

Testing in buldozer reveals the same issues as in game. So this is probably not a packing issue. So, open in buldozer and observe the blocky highlights shift as you move around the object.

If testing in game, make sure you have all the other pertinent files as usual: config.cpp, model.cfg, etc. Observe the hideous blocky highlights on the object change as you move the angles of your player or the object in the sunlight.

Additional Information

Other things tested:

  • Does not happen on ArmA3 objects or (most) others' addons; only on mine.
  • For the diffuse (_co) textures, the problem can be mitigated by adding a slight "noise" layer to give every pixel a different color. This technique doesn't seem to work for the _smdi textures. I am using supershaders on self-made vehicles with self-made textures. My rvmats set ups are borrowed from game rvmats for similar vehicles. Examining the .paa files in texView2, the blocky artifacts are not present.
  • I've tried saving the smdi file to a 256 color pallet, which didn't help at all.
  • I've adjusted the rvmats to various levels of specular power and color, and imitated the rvmats of similar BIS objects. There was some success with this, but ONLY ON GLASS. Adjusting the Fresnel properties on the transparent portions of my model, borrowed from the Blackfoot glass rvmat, has taken away the blockiness on glass. The problem is not solved, because it still occurs on solid objects.
  • For control purposes, I tried replacing my *_smdi.paa file with a BIS smdi file, and it did not look blocky. This leads me to believe the engine is having trouble reading custom textures.
  • It's hard to fully understand how images are interpreted, but for experimentation I applied the face order filter in Object Builder. Nothing happened.

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thank you for submitting the ticket. Could you please upload a simple repro mission displaying the problem? It would be a big help.

Thank you.

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I've uploaded a demo mod that displays the problems:
[link defunct]

install/extract in arma3 tools
start editor
place a player character
place a unit: empty>BSG heli>("thing" will be only option)
start the preview
walk around the thing to see the boxy texture clumping. best places to see texture weirdness on this object is on the top-back and top-front, and the glass.
I have included the .psd file in the .rar for inspection.

ScotG added a comment.May 4 2015, 3:33 PM

Is anybody experiencing this? I'd like to know what is happening when other people view these textures in game, now that I have included a sample model of my own to reproduce the problem (see the 3rd note or 0091935 for download). The sample is intended to show texture problems visible only when I create a home-brew model with home-brew textures.

If everybody else sees regular, non-distorted textures in the game, as they appear in TexView2 or Photoshop, then I will know to keep making my models and textures as I have been, and I'll try to have faith that it will all come out fine.