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Huron Rotor Blade destroyed by players
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I've been playing on a Vanilla multiplayer server that is constantly full with 50 players. No mods at all, except the mods on my side which are VTS, JSRS, CBA & ShackTAC hud. Nothing that may add or remove any helicopter features.

My ping is constantly 60MS on the server, I used to play on american server too with a ping of 220 on my side.

I am using Advanced helicopter module with everything Enabled except Auto-trim for 'extreme' realism and challenge.

The issue is that most of the time I fly a squad of players that are usually bigger than 6 members (Estimating, I haven't noticed a pattern cause there are cases when 1 single player can cause this) and I land them at their objective and they start jumping out, I loose my rotors completely (Red Main engine, missing rotor blades state. It's still slowly spinning with the remaining 25% of the physical rotor blade, but of course I am unable to fly). Making me unable to fly and take off.
I do not physically see (While in 3RD person view) the soldiers actually clipping the rotor blades, they don't seem to get too close to it but I do see soldiers leaving the vehicle 2 meter off the ground when they all jump out at the same time.
This problem occurs a lot for me the past week (When I purchased the DLC). This also made tactical landings where I back up with the huron to a hill side and let people dismount and climb in while flying, but again loosing the rotor blades although I don't see physical contact with the ground.

This happens on Flat terrain as well, with no obstacles around the rotor blades too.


As soon as a large squad ejects out of the rear of the Huron, the rotor blades break off and engine red. It seems like one of the soldiers ejects a bit higher than the rest that causes it, but uncertain.


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Helicopters DLC
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Never tried this on single player cause I don't know how to tell AI to eject all together but multiplayer only for now:

-Jump into a Huron
-Load up 6+ soldiers (guess)
-Tell them to all eject while landing somewhere at the same time
-Rotor should be destroyed and main engine RED

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Using advanced helicopter module on all enabled except auto-trim

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If people eject in a big bunch at the same time they'll end up pushing each other most likely into the rotor.

Just a side note, frankly. I don't think people should be able to take out a rotor blade, even less a modern one.

In Vietnam, the huey was able to land inside a bamboo field. A bamboo is almost as strong as a human bone and it could cut through it quite easily through a forest of them so I don't see why this should be a problem for a Huron rotor which can lift several tons (10 to be exact).

Just wanted to update that this still occurs, still same parameters.
Seems to be a problem with the advanced helicopter module itself, because other huron pilots don't encounter the issue as much as I do when I fly it.

Keeping the engine at 40% throttle to gain a bit of height while landing doesn't help when a big group of players jumps out.

I really enjoy flying that helicopter, I literally bought the DLC just for it xD
Thanks again and hopefully it isn't that hard to fix ._.