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Develop proper 3D scopes
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Guys, develop proper 3D scopes using PiP or whatever and release it as a DLC called "Situational Awareness".

Proper 3D scopes will cement your position as the hands down best tactical shooter available and go a long way.

I've played over 4000 hours of the ARMA series and am a student of military history, tactics e.t.c. and I believe one of the last things remaining missing from the ARMA infantry combat system is 3D scopes. It used to be use of cover too but the ARMA 3 stance system changed that and the adjusted recoil system is pretty much on point.

Just do it guys. I know you turned over a 100 million with ARMA 3. Invest in your products future.

P.S. I just remembered you also have to find a way to render grass at distance or somehow translate the additional camouflage effect at distances.


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Duplicate of #0002510

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As Koala stated above this is a duplicate of already existing issue.

Thank you for your feedback.

Also thank you Koala.