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NATO forces in 'Exit Strategy' mission?
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Sorry, My English is not good.

Originally, 'Adapt' episode should not appearance NATO forces.
but, 'Exit Strategy' mission is appearance NATO forces.
I think this problem is Bug.

is that bug? or Changing the Campaign story? {F25880}


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce

Start 'Exit Strategy' and please complete task.
and come back to Orestes and James.

Additional Information

Arma 3 Version is Development Build 1.43.129935

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Technically, kerry is NATO.

Yes, Kerry is NATO. But I mean NATO peoples around James.
Before, James come with the FIA ​​people. but now, Changed NATO peoples.
NATO is only alive Kerry in Altis.

What you mean is that there are for some reason American troops other than Kerry on Altis during the middle of Adapt, and it doesn't make sense because Kerry was the only American to survive the first episode (also they're wearing full US Army kit which doesn't make sense)
They should instead be CTRG (British) guys or just simple rebels

Adam added a comment.Mar 31 2015, 11:03 AM

Hello and thank you for your ticket. Unfortunately i was unable to reproduce your issue. Could you please provide more info?

Adam// oh, I did reproduce this problem one more, but looks like this problem is solved. Issue close please, sorry.