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Unable to deploy weapon one team/group members
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In version 1.41 dev upon initial release of marksman dev channel, one could deploy weapon on back/head of a crouched team/group member for stabilization and was disabled with version 1.43 up to 1.43.129935 (current)


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Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce

create two units in same group
give to player a weapon with bipod attached to primary
order group member to stop and crouch
attempt to deploy weapon while standing or crouched and nothing happens

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Are you sure you were able to do that? I can't remember to read about that feature in the changelogs.

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even in the live release video we all saw that we could deploy the weapon on a team member.

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disregard, weapon stabilization is already supported and is good enough, deployed weapon makes no sense anyway. thank you.