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Character goes prone when you switch to binoculars when crouch (weapon down)
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The character automatically goes prone when you're crouch walking with your weapon down and switch to binoculars.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Crouch forward with your weapon down.
  2. Switch to binoculars.

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I'm unable to reproduce your issue could you please provide more information? Thank you.

Whenever moving forward in a crouch position and your weapon undeployed (2xLCTRL) if you switch to binoculars, rangefinder or laser designator the character will automatically go to the prone stance.

As you can see in the video, as soon as i switch to binoculars the player automatically ducks to the ground. Same happens with handguns and rangefinder/laser deg as mentioned.

Still a problem in 1.42

Have you reviewed the video yet? I'd like to remove it from my account.

Adam added a comment.Apr 14 2015, 3:32 PM

Thanks, the video helped me a lot and i was able to reproduce the issue. It has been scheduled for a fix.

Hi, problem fixed for all movement directions and both pistol and rifle. Fixed in DEV branch 1.43.130380. Would you please test it and close the issue eventually? Thank you!

Pistols works for all directions now.
However the same bug still occurs when moving left or backwards with a rifle.
Can you reopen this?

Hi, you are right, L, LB, B and RB movements still affected. Will review and fix the issue ASAP. Will advise.

Hello, problem is fixed now. Fix should be reflected in latest DEV branch version tomorrow (23-04-15). Would you please test it then and advise? Thank you very much!

Hello, fixed in DEV branch 1.43.130481.

Awesome, thanks!