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[feature request] Super simple AI respawn module (no scripting needed)
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Please add a simple AI respawn module that can be synchronised directly to the units in the editor.
(Basic diagram attached)
So basically when the AI (man or vehicle) unit is killed or destroyed, it returns to battle with all the original waypoints and init information restored.

I use many awesome respawn & patrol scripts (e.g. UPSMON) but game updates usually cause problems and make them unusable, so I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible from now on :-) {F25855}


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Thanks for acknowledging this request, it will make editing persistent AI patrols much easier in the future with a few clicks of the mouse :-)

I have recreated the diagram in the attached picture using scripts, triggers and markers, but it is so long winded and overly complex that as soon as this module becomes available I will replace the scripts safe in the knowledge that no future updates will break my missions.

Any idea how quickly this module can be implemented into the game, next update maybe?
Thanks again.

I think that 'acknowledged' means that they have read your ticket and understand it, nothing more.

lol thanks for that valuable piece of input :-s