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launcher stops the ability to launch the game via PWS with mods active.
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when i tried to launch arma 3 through PWS like normal (at this point i did not know about the launcher being mandatory today) it launched up the arma 3 launcher so i got confused because it normally just loads up the game and im away....

so i click play on the bottom of the screen and it loads arma 3..

with the game loaded i noticed that none of my modifications are active...
so i quit the game a tried again. same thing occured.

so i spoke to a fellow developer on Skype and he said try "-nolauncher"
this worked 50%... it did indeed stop the launcher from starting BUT still none of my mods were active.

can anyone help? what info do you need?


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Steps To Reproduce

start up play with six
load up the mod collection you wish to use
click launch...

arma 3 launcher pops up

click play

observe no mods are active
quit the game
try adding "-nolauncher" to the start up params
try loading arma 3 through pws again.
game loads but still no mods active.

Additional Information

on the 25 - 3 - 15 the game started fine with no issues...
on the 26 - 3 - 15 the issue has occured.

between then i have made NO changes to any of my files.

im on the stable build.

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Same problem here


from what we can tell, this can be solved by going to the Game settings of Arma 3 in the Play withSix and unchecking the option "(Legacy) Launch with Steam Launcher".

Please give it a try and let us know if it helps.

Adding a -noLauncher parameter won't be of any help in this case; as we find out today, Play withSix doesn't pass the parameter to the Launcher.

I will try this and get back to you.

Many thanks

ok that has resolved the issue.

i dont know why i didnt look at the game settings sooner...

may be worth mentioning it in a sitrep to all PWS users or maybe a twitter post or something

Hello Tyler,

thank you very much for the confirmation, I'll post this in the BI Community forum and tweet about it.

It worked yay , many thanks

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I don't play with "playwithsix". once I downloaded it, check the setting menu, "(Legacy)" was already unchecked. .... I some please give me reliable information.