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MK-I EMR's weight (and possibly other stats) is off
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In the current devbuild (1.43.129886), the EMR's weight is very high, being the same as the Zafir LMG. According to the forums (I didn't check myself), its ingame mass is 160, and mass is calculated as kg x 22. In that case, this would mean that the EMR weighs 7.27kg, which is very heavy for a rifle of its kind.

For comparison's sake, the closest real life equivalent is the SIG 751 LB, which according to my googlings has an empty(!) weight of just 3.82 kg.

One possible consequence of this high weight is the really low recoil, which to me looks a bit lighter than that of the MXC and WAAAAY lighter than the Mk14.
In fact, the low recoil makes the EMR overall better than other rifles of its caliber at close and medium ranges as the high weight doesn't seem to hurt the weapon's handling much at all. In other words, it's really easy to get a powerful burst of 7.62 NATO on target in full auto even at longer ranges.


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While you're changing the EMRs weight you should check its initspeed, too. It might be too high for a 7,62mm rifle.