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Cannot deploy the weapon if "Damage state frozen" bug is triggered
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So basically this bug affects weapon deploying too. After triggering the bug described in the other report, the weapon cannot be deployed, you are basically stuck in that position having the ability to turn until you hit the deploy key again.


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Weapon Stabilization
Steps To Reproduce

Trigger the "frozen damage state" bug:

  1. First if all, you need to be wounded (e.g.: player setdamage 0.5;), or shoot the other player / AI

2a): If you press the "step over" button right after (almost at the same time) the healing animation starts (you may need to move to do this) and triggers the bug.

2b): Reloading can also cause this, if you hit it the reload just before the healing animation ends. If the reload animation ends before the healing animation ends, the bug does not trigger.

Deploy weapon.

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Fixed, as the root problem is fixed.