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Door gunners are helicopter pilots instead of helicopter crew
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Door gunners in the Ghosthawk and the Huron are using the helicopter pilot class instead of the helicopter crew class. The difference is: helicopter crew wear masked versions of the heli pilot helmet (which is ideal for being a door gunner), and they also use MXCs instead of the Vermin SMGs.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn yourself in the editor as a Ghosthawk or a Huron
  2. Get out
  3. Look at your door gunners

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This has been fixed (dev branch, not sure about stable 1.50) but there is another problem - the co pilot now wears a crew helmet, and the left door gunner still wears a pilot helmet.
This problem also exists with the Huron

EDIT: Went on stable and it's completely fixed there

Please mark this as resolved. (moderators off course)'s bugged on dev could have been because I was using mods though...if some could please clarify that it's bugged on dev branch?

OK, maybe some developer says something?

Fixed in 1.54 (tested in RC build)

According to the author the issue seems to be resolved