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I can only see the terrain. All objects, buildings, walls, fences etc. are invisible.
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When playing on a server I respawned after I died. When I respawned all I coukd see was the terrain. All objects, buildings, walls, fences etc. are invisible. When I walk up to objects like a wall or building they appear then disappear again.

This also happens playing a single player campaign mission.
I have rebooted and also uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. {F25811}


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This is just the way it is. I don't have to do anything to reproduce it.

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I have tried Call of Duty Ghosts to see if it is a graphics card problem or a problem with the driver, but CoD and other games run OK>

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Do you use any mods?
If yes, deactivate all mods and try to reproduce.

Have you verified the integrity of your files (ArmA 3) with Steam?
If not, problems may occure.

Have you defraged your game HDD?
If not, problems may occure.

Do you use the latest driver for your graphic adapter?
If not, you know.

The appearing and disappering of objects are strange.

check objectviewdistance in settings or just execute in debug console

setObjectViewDistance 2000

To answer your questions.
I was playing with MODs. I tried without mods but had an issue. See below.

I did verify the integrity of my files with no problems found.

I use an SSD so won't be defragging it.

I installed the latest drivers last night and retried with the same issue.

So I uninstalled the game and made sure the Arma 3 directory was deleted.
I reinstalled ArmA (I have the digital deluxe version) and it updated from Steam.
After ArmA was updated I launched the game from the Launch Game option in the Steam update window. When I did this I got an error relating to CBA. I clicked OK and went into ArmA and had 5 puzzle piece icons for the mods I used. I'm not sure why.
At this point I had the same issue. In fact the world screen behind the menu also had no buildings on, so the 5 or 6 domes near Altis airport did not show.

I uninstalled again and used a registry cleaner to clean up my registry. After that I went through the registry manually searching for Arma 3, and removed anything remaining that references \program files (x86)\Steam\Steam Apps\common\arma 3. There were about 12 to 15 references still in the registry to delete.
After this I reinstalled ArmA, which seemed to take a little longer, and let it update from Steam.

Once updated, I clicked the Launch Game button in the Steam update window. At this point the world screen showed buildings at the Kemino firing range on Stratis.
I went into the editor, put a player down at Stratis airbase and previewed. This time I could see all the buildings.

I haven't tried any other testing as it was late at this point, but so far it looks fixed.
However, I can't find where ArmA got the mods from, so I can't play a clean vanilla install. I would like to remove these references so I can do that.
I had a quick search in the registry but couldn't find anything. Can you let me know where ArmA got these from?

ArmA doesn't come with any mods.
You can check the ArmA3.cfg file. It should be in your Documents\ArmA 3 folder.

Thanks for the reply TakeHomeTheCup, and I know ArmA doesn't come with mods, but I'll check the ArmA 3 folder in my Documents. If this folder does not get removed during an uninstall, ArmA might be looking at an old cfg file.

Hey TakeHomeTheCup, you're a star! I found the mods listed in the Arma3.cfg file.
I removed the mods from the file and now I have a clean install.

Thank you very much.

This issue was caused by (broken) mods, which is something we are not able to fix. Marking as resolved.

Thanks for the feedback and big thanks to all people involved here for help when figuring out what is wrong! Thank you