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Weapon flash light too long on environment! Should be much shorter - 1 frame max!
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Hey guys,

currently when you fire your gun at night there is the very nice, short muzzle flash (could be shorter though). The environment also gets lit up but in a very unrealistic way. The environment gets lit up for approx 100 miliseconds, this should not be the case! The muzzle flash lights up the environment for a VERY short time, one or two frames per second MAX!

Please reduce the duration the environment gets lit up from muzzle flash to a very short amount.

This is as short as it should be.


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Open editor, set time to night time, set yourself down as NATO rifleman, fire your weapon in single fire and full auto - note how the environment gets lit up for too long.

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Indeed, I always wondered why the muzzle flash would light up the area for so long. Compare a rifle muzzle flash with the impact flash of a cannon, for example that of the AH-99 Blackfoot. Maybe it's just a decimal point error?