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Forward toggle key
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Arma 3 could use a feature where you can press a key that toggles your unit to walk forward until you use your movement keys WASD or press the toggle key again.

This would help for example in infrantry movement when people could use the text chat without having to stop their jogging/walking/running and fall behind from rest of the squad.

Also holding down the w on very long walks (~ 10 min) doesn't feel comfortable, for me at least.


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Use a microphone for teamwork (communication).

Use some folded paper strips, a knife or anything, that keeps your keys pressed for long walks. Just be creative.

Well if I want to get creative why don't I just take my whole cutlery out and play this game? :P

Just because microphone is an option it doesn't mean that chat functions shouldn't be improved.

And to my knowledge creating a key that does this isn't an overwhelming task, but still gives gaming enjoyment to those who don't want to keep pressing a button on a simple walk from A to B.