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MP Server list - show (or scan) favourite servers first
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The A3 MP Server List ("Network Games on Internet" screen) should first scan the favourite marked servers.

Or preferably, show the favourite servers list immediately, even in their unscanned state, then update each one later as the scanning process encounters it.


Having the favourite servers listed immediately would prevent the need to wait 2+ minutes (or sometimes forever) for the scan to list it.

It would also allow you to select the server regardless of the scan state, since the scan is often a redundant step to the player who is committed to joining a particular server.

It would also provide a workaround to the "filter hostname bug" where a 5 letter text is sometimes found and sometimes not found, even though the full server list or alternative filter will show the server is clearly there.

As it stands now, there does not seem to be any purpose for the favourites tagging.


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Task can be closed. Thank-you.

The new MP Servers List screen is suitable enough to mostly address this issue, with the inclusion of the "Recent" tab page and favorites handling.

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