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Current objective not very clear in main UI overlay
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I've noticed that the current objective is not very clear in the main UI overlay.

When looking at your objective your objective is shown in a very feint white font on the screen, I guess this is to declutter what you're looking at. This makes it hard to see.

But when you're looking away from your objective, the objective is clearly marked in a stronger (less transparent) font on the edge of the screen.


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Look directly at your objective, the objective is displayed in a transparent white font. (Hard to find and see)

Look away from your objective and you will see your objective will appear at the edge of the screen in a non transparent font with a black border. (easy to find and see)

Additional Information

This initially caused me to have to go to the map to see where my objective was because I couldn't find it on screen.

Also on one of the campaign missions I was told to grab a rifle from a squad members backpack, and ended up running off without a rifle because I couldn't work out which backpack I was supposed to be looking in. Didn't help where it was at night.

Making the objective more obvious on the screen (or allowing it's colour and transparency to be edited in options) would help a lot.

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