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DLC Purchase Request
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I have the DLC in my library and Steam confirms it when going to the site but during the game and at the end there is a window requesting purchase due to usage of new material

Am I doing something wrong or you guys are still setting the DLC up?


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If you're referring to the marksmen dlc, the dlc hasn't been published yet and won't be until April. Some content is available in the dev branch but as for the normal version of Arma 3 no new content of that dlc is playable so far.

If you purchased the dlc pack you'll still see the notification but just ignore it for the moment. I suspect that you'll unlock all content once the dlc is actually released.

If you're not referring to the marksmen dlc, make sure that you got them selected (steam, library on the top right click on detailed view, you'll then see the list of all dlc you own and whether you deselcted them).

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Yes, I am referring to Marksmen that was included in the DLC bundle.
All dlc I own are checked, so I will follow you advise and ignore the message.
Many thanks for the feedback.

Hi, this issue should be already resolved. Please check it in the game and let us know if you still experience it. Thanks

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It has been resolved. Thank you!