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BETA Marksman Thoughts and Issues
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Okay things I'm noticing and things that need Work, First A Sniper if he holds his Breath is much longer than 1 millisecond. Yet when he Breaths it is a stable breathing and His sight is not all over, This Especially if he is Prone. While Prone the whole purpose of this is to almost fully stable his aim we are talking a 95% stabling, yet your weapons sway is all over the place. Also why was all the long range scopes removed, and Why Give us new scopes and cut the zoom rate I mean come on 10X is the best we get for our Money with Marksman. Okay Now The MAR-10 .338 This is a Snipers Rifle yet, it is under powered, I can take the M308 LRR and Snipe with the SOS Scope at 2k away a bit of a trick with weapons sway But I can do this, Yet, The MAR-10 I can't Get the Bullet to get passed 1.5 even when I over compensate the drop. This needs refining and I know you all are working hard. Now Onto sounds, Some sounds have been changed, Great, however some of the best sounds, reference the ABR 18 now sounds like a Spring loaded BB gun from my child hood days. Gun Fire sounds need to sound beefy not like a toy. Another Sound Issue, and this is more the whole game in general, there needs to be 2 more Audio Controls in the settings for Rain, and Ocean sounds and One For All Vehicles Air and Land, I get that you making a Simulator, But not all of us Need to loose our hearing because these sounds are so loud that we can not hear anything in game and this is really bad when it comes to servers as some coders do not code for volume levels and leave it at max default, I've pissed off my neighbors enough due to this. please consider a volume option for these, it is Really need. Now another 2 more complaints and this is one Night Vision, Why do We Not Already Have a Better Optic than the old Oval? Really Just lame. This is suposed to be the future and well that small Oval is Just not it. My Final Complaint and this is my Biggest One, NO ONE STOPS AND SWITCHES WEAPONS FROM SIDE ARM TO MAIN RIFFLE! Fast weapons switching is a Basic training Maneuver. This Should Be Default in Arma 2 and Arma 3 yet We Have Stop animations everywhere, I can not understand why it has not been programmed out, I get some of it like getting into vehicles kind of hard not to have it, But a Basic maneuver swapping from side arm to riffle is not unreal and should be hard codded to the main game already. I hope Marksman starts Looking better than it does, I pre-paid for this content in the hope that a new sniper rifle would be added and and while there is a promising weapon in the line up, it's not performing to a standard. I also hope that the By-pods will be able to be equipped to the original weapons of arma 3 as this was something that had should have been in the game from start. I Own 2 copies of this game as well as the whole Arma 2 Series. I've loved this game with allot of disappointing factors, that should have never been in Arma 3. i.e. My complaints above. But Please keep up the good work, and Some Major Thought Needs to be placed on the Sniper Class, This Class is not been codded or Made any where near a simulation. One More Thing on this Web Page the Yellow Balloon Tips need to fade away this is just bad coding for a web page I have to keep moving my mouse off the web page to get rid of it.


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