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Place all offical Zeus Modes under one filter setting
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This concerns the filter settings in the server browser.
I see variants of official Zeus modes in the filter settings from ZvZ to ZvP. These are fantastic game modes, but servers rarely host them. This is likely because filters like ZvZ are never used, so players are unlikely to join servers hosting it.

Personally, I use the gamemode filter to find servers. Ive found Zeus Game Master is the only populated Zeus, with the other variants empty.

I suggest putting all Zeus variants under one filter setting, so that when I filter the game mode "Zeus", all official variants of Zeus show on the browser, regardless of whether its a ZvZ, ZvP or a Zeus GM. This would not only clear up the filter browser, but also help populate these overlooked game modes.

This would have helped in my case, where a server I was playing on decided to try out ZvZ. We were currently playing Zeus GM and before the switching game modes, we had a full server of random people.

Because we had a full server, We found ZvZ very enjoyable. But without a constant stream of new players joining us, the fun was only limited to a few hours as players eventually had to leave. We never switched to ZvZ again, knowing players would not find the server (Also note this was an Offical BIS server). However, if ZvZ was found with the Zeus GM filter, the server would have a better chance of getting players, as Zeus GM is a popular game mode, and continue the fun.


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Steps To Reproduce

In server browser:

  1. reset filter
  1. set game mode filter to Zeus GM & refresh

Browser fills with many populated and full servers

  1. set game mode filter to ZvZ, ZvP or Any other Zeus variant. Refresh

Browser show no servers. Any servers that do show are few and rarely full. This is a shame as these game modes are overlooked

Solution- place ZvZ, ZvP, Zeus GM and any other Offical Zeus modes under one filter setting to give all Zeus modes a better chance

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