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Navid 9.3mm - strange burst mode
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I've tested all the new marksmen weapons and found a strange bug with the Navid machine gun.

You can switch between full and semi automatic. If you shoot your gun in semi automatic mode, your machine gun shoots three rounds at once (all three rounds exit the barrel at once). There is no spread and all three rounds will hit the target at the same time with a 100 percent accuracy.

I think it will be realistic, if the Navid fires three rounds one after another with a delay and a little spread.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. take the Navid machine gun
  2. switch to semi automatic and shoot

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Confirmed on my end. It should say "burst" mode, not "Semi auto" in this feedback headline, though.

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@InstaGoat: I've changed the feedback title

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Upvoted, at least now we know that shotguns are possible.

Navid aka MG5 should be only Fully automatic

because the real MG5 doesn't have a semi automatic mode

here's the video of the Burst mode

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@RobertHammer: Thanks for the video