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Shadows don't cast on smoke. Making the smoke effects shine in shaded areas.
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The problem:
Shadows don't cast on smoke which can break some close quarter battles. It can give you an easy way of spotting people moving around by the bright smoke under shaded areas.

An idea solution to the problem:
If shadows where perfectly cast on smoke effects and is causing performance issues. I recommend this less performance hitting idea. Rather then having the shadows cast like on other objects. Let the smoke lower its brightness when its under shaded cover from the sun. This will help a lot of the immersion in close quarter battles.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the Editor.
  2. Choose any Map.
  3. Insert a unit near a building
  4. Run at a sandy ground which is shaded with the sun
  5. Notice the smoke effect from your feet when running is just bright
  6. Which can give your position to players who are not really paying attention.

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I just tried play Arma Armed Assault and found out, that back then, shadows actually cast on smoke...... Why was this not in carried on to Arma 2 and 3? If it was about optimizing performance. At least give us the option to enable it or not.