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Expand bipod slot to a underslung slot for GL's, pistol lights/lazers, foregrip.
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Looking at the live stream this new "Bipod slot" Could be used for allot more to add the last major section to weapons. There is a wide range of under slung content that could go there from just moving lights and lasers to there (especially pistols) to UGL's fore-grips and even a master key.

I appreciate your doing great work but its something to consider doing in the future.


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Attachment functions maybe something like this :

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Won't that be a little difficult, though?
I haven't seen any game that has UGL's work like that.
They always have it work as a separate weapon all together.

So what? Let's make history.

Also, maybe then the grenade launchers will actually have some reload animations? I still don't understand how A2 had them but they managed to leave them out of A3.

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Can you please fix all "slung" words in the task to "barrel" ?
And "Master key" you meant shotgun's name?, so "Masterkey" (in one word),
but idea is underbarrel shotguns (there is multiple of them exist)

+6 from me and my friends playing in arma 3 to this addition
and about pistols: would be great to at least add current pistol flashlight compatibility to other pistols.