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no "someammo" or "magazines" for WY 55 - Hellcat
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Functions "someammo" and "magazines" doesn't return anything for the WY 55 Hellcat


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open editor, place player (man)
place all helicopters you like (empty or not). Do not forget the hellcat for test.
run preview
in debug console write:
0=[]spawn{while {true} do {hintSilent format ["ammo: %1, mags: %2", someammo cursorTarget, magazines cursorTarget];sleep 0.2}}
exec and aim (cursortarget) each helicopter. No ammo/magazines for H55!

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This problem occurred also in 1.38 version. Probably due to model conception of this helo (configfile magazines or something like that)

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Isn't it possible to pass this ticket to WY-55 designer? Magazines are probably stored in a specific function regardless of a whatever standardization (if any in Arma configVehicles).

Never be corrected I suppose. For Arma 4, please think about standard, mandatory, unique way to implement classes and configs.

Wow, how is this not fixed yet? This completely prevents the Support Modules from working in the game with this helicopter. I spent maybe 30 minutes unpacking PBOs and reading through scripts trying to debug this figuring it was probably a new bug that had been introduced by the recent 1.54 update. But instead I find out it was reported more than half a year ago. How hard can this be to fix?

EDIT: I can confirm this is still a problem in the current 1.54.

Bumping post-feedback hack.. :)

This is still the case, seems like there are no turrets configured or something like that.