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The truck extraction part at the end of Wet Work break if you get in the back of the truck
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In Wet Work, After we cleared the town and checked the officer's body, I am told to regroup at the truck near the beach and get in as a passenger. I follow the lead of other soldiers and get in the truck. However, even if the objective is marked as completed the truck won't move, and I can't get out.

I fixed this by restarting the mission and sitting next to the driver when asked to board the truck.

  1. I'm not sure it should make any difference if I chose to get in the back or in the front passenger seat.
  1. If it does matter then it should not check mark the objective and let me get out or change position. {F25714}


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Wet Work
  2. Do your job, clear the town and check officer's body
  3. Get in the back the truck when asked to get in as a passenger.
  4. nothing will happen then, so enjoy the view
Additional Information

WORKAROUND: Get in the truck in the front passenger seat.

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It is more stupid than that, choosing "passenger seat" or "get in the back" makes no difference over where you'll seat, as in both cases I ended up being in the back anyway.

EDIT: But choosing "passenger seat" will work !

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Same problem here. Cannot proceed.

Only difference, Windows 8.1 x64

Version 1.2.130231

Managed to fix it by going into parameters/advanced in the launcher and ticking No File Patching.

Same problem here, specifically, not all team members seem to board the truck, one stays outside permanently.

Blowing up the truck before identifying the officer will allow the campaign to continue, but that is not ideal.

Hello there,

No need to mess around with launcher settings.

Sorry for not being clear enough in my report.

You can fix the issue by getting in the truck as a front passenger seat. It will put you in the back of the truck anyway but the objective will complete, every soldier will get in and then the truck will move on.

Don't go in the back of the truck that's all. But it should be fixed anyway.

I did not have the option to get in the front of the truck.

You should have 2 options to board the truck :

  • Get in the back
  • Passenger seat

But the last one may only be available if you try to get in from the passenger door. Try to walk around the truck, you should get the option at some point.

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