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AI Helicopters can't slingload EMPTY objects like ammo boxes
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When placing a waypoint over an ammobox that can normally be picked up, Helicoopter gets a MOVE waypoint instead. I know you can just click and drag the box to the helicopter, but for greater immersion, actually picking up the box is better. Helicopters can only pick up friendly manned objects like hunters and not empty ones


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Open single player editor.
2.Place Playable unit and Zeus - game master module
3.Place BLUFOR Huron and Cargo Net [NATO] ammo box
4.Select Huron
5.Right click on ammo box
6.*Huron moves to ammo box rather than picking it up.

Repeat steps 1-6 with a Manned BLUFOR Hunter. Huron will actually pick it up.

Additional Information

It is possible to AI slingload and unload ammo boxes with waypoints in the editor, why not Zeus?

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See issue: 0021557