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[SP] Campaign completely broken by 1.4 patch
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I had campaign progressed to Adapt part. Now, after the 1.4 patch, the save I had in the middle of a scouting mission simply gave error saying it's for the wrong version of the game (understandable). But it doesn't matter which mission I load, I can only finish the mission in question and then the game throws me back to the campaign menu screen, instead of going to the next mission. This applies to the campsite parts as well: if you select a new mission (whether that is scouting or a normal mission), it just goes back to campaign menu. I also tried the dev beta version through Steam without success.
I have yet to try playing the whole thing from the very start, with clean install, but I hope that's not going to be necessary.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
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No matter which mission I load, once I complete it, the game goes back to campaign menu.

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This might be a dumb advice but are you sure that you're using the revert option and not the replay option in the campaign menu?

Yes, I am very familiar with the basic campaign system. ;)

could you please make sure that you Revert from the mission you want to play? The flow should continue as designed.