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While flying a Blackfoot, UI Elements were missing/wrong
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happened in Multiplayer

-My EBR was still shown as current weapon on screen while flying BF.
-Radar did not work
-GPS did not work
-no vehicle status bar (speed/Altitude/damage etc.)

remounting did not improve situation
in both: pilot and gunner seat
AFM off/ on -> bug persistent

Later i heard that respawning is helpful in this issue.


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I never had this bug before, and I don´t know how i should reproduce the issue since i didn´t do extraordinary things.

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Another player reported that:

"It actually happened to me in 1.38 too with a jet. I needed to respawn."

screenshot attached

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This can be same very bug I have encountered also.
While flying or driving ground vehicle same issues.
Like no vehicle status bar.
Also graphic stutter on lower speed as seen in video.

In next ArmA 3 version after that video (19th of Nov) I did not encounter that anymore. Until ArmA 3 version 1.38 it came back.

Have not been able to reproduce since it looks like very random.
After respawn it might go away, but can come back again in same game.

a workaround post found in forums: "to encounter this bug just switch from passenger seat to pilot seat and it is gone... if not possible buy a quad go to passenger there and switch to driver dismount quad and get into heli / jet again everything perfect..."

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Maybe it is a server related problem (

I am not able to reproduce your issue in the editor.