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Weapon-mode cycle gets stuck in personTurrets. [fixed in devbranch]
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Basically if you cycle through the fire modes in a FFV position weapon, it gets stuck.

This is already fixed in devbranch


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Firing from Vehicles
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Place an FFV capable vehicle in the editor and add any infantry unit(player) hop into FFV position and try to cycle the fire modes.

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Update: it isn't related to the grenade launcher, it can happen with any weapon.
Forgive my sloppy testing.

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The only solution is, to assign a key to switch back your fire mode (previous weapon).

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Looks like it's fixed on dev branch (according to the changelog)

Koala added a comment.Mar 31 2015, 1:51 PM

I really can assure, the problem is fixed on the dev-branch.