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LOD blending/morphing
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LOD popping is quiet distracting for most Objects in the game. Especially the trees, buildings, rocks and vehicles.

LOD blending/morphing technique would resolve lot of annoying flickering/popping issues.



There are several strategies to minimize popping and create smooth transitions:
-Geometry morphing: The high-detail geometry morphs into the low-detail geometry and vice-versa by collapsing edges and removing vertices. This approach involves a lot of overhead at runtime. Because of this complication it is seldom used in games.
-Screen-door transparency, as described here, can be used to blend between LODs. This approach has a very small overhead compared to morphing and it is not limited to meshes.


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Any captain here? What kind of overhead does it generate? CPU or GPU?

Maybe it should be optional setting in the video options.

Upvoted, I hate the LOD system in this game. Distracting me since forever.

Upvoted. If this is done however, it should be optional encase of performance loss.