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Enable backblast as a base game feature
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This is more of a discussion rather than an engine issue.

I was thinking a few days ago, would it be possible to add rocket/missile launcher backblast as a feature in game?
Maybe adding a couple more points in memory LOD with an additional reverted muzzle pos/dir at the rear of the launcher, then in the config add a few config entries like backblast arc, range, and effect (like backblasteffect = "bb_small", medium, large, etc), like what is done for particle effects/spent casings of vehicle guns.
Then as backblast use something like a shotgun shell with bullets that have short "timetolive" and very high deflecting angles so in case you are inside a house and use a big launcher the backblast would injure or kill you.

Before you say it, i know i'm oversimplifying this sort of changes, i just wanted to write this down.


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Glad i wasn't the only one who thought about it.

Maybe this can be merged to the one already existing then?


I think, your ticket will be closed soon (by the developers).