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Stance adjust and stance keys pressed together cause character to enter tactical pace
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Moving, holding the stance adjust key down and simultaneously pressing the stance(toggle) key for your current stance results in character going into tactical pace for as long as the stance adjust key is held.

While not much of an issue with the default keybinds, the keybinds I'm using (and I really recommend you to try them) make this awkward. My solution for not having to use a separate key for stance adjust is to bind it to the three different stance (toggle) keys. This works out perfectly (apart from the mentioned issue) since stance adjusting does not do anything while moving.

Having it set up like this makes for completely seamless and very efficient stance adjusting since it becomes built into the three major stances. An example scenario is to run up to a corner, crouch down and while still holding crouch adjust to the side to peek/shoot. It also makes sense because of the fact that the stance keys already reset adjusted stances when pressed.

This issue is currently worse in the (as of this date) current dev branch where stance adjust has been split into separate keybinds. This because of having to use multi-key keybinds that for some reason act inconsistently (such as being triggered even when keypresses don't happen in the defined order. Example: Stance Adjust+Forward is sometimes triggered by holding Forward and then pressings Stance Adjust.)


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While moving, press and hold the stance adjust key then the stance(toggle) key representing your current stance. Character will go into tactical pace for as long as the stance adjust key is held.

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