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min. rope leng'ht' from 0.5 to 0.1 or increase of force of rope?
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As i wrote in the summary, it would be very helpful, if the min. length could be set to 0.1m (or maybe less) to simulate at least some kind of "Towing". Since "ropeCreate" seems to set the min. of 0.5 length - no matter what you put in, everything lower then 0.5 will be set back to 0.5 - it would be extremly helpful.

Atm it looks like this:

MainIssue as seen in the video: Start driving the truck -> rope gets stretched far too long and it takes too much time, until it gets back to its "normal" state + it looks just bad.

Is it even possible?


EDIT: DevVideos added to show some problems better.


Looks way better, but still... the ropes -.-

(+ Wheels moving)


TEST 3 (AI Compability)

Looks fine to me.
(except that bungee-behavior )


TEST 4 (New Model/Weights)

+ Reverse


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P.S. Config Entry for rope got 2 typos "lenght"

maxRelLenght = 1.1;
maxExtraLenght = 20.0;

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Anything, that can be done?

I don't imagine this being a big deal for Bohemia to do, right?

I can think of several other places where being able to control properties of the ropes would be highly advantageous. And if a ball joint is way out of the question, this is currently the best 'rigged' option. /sadface